The F1 series is an advanced autoclavable benchtop fermenter/bioreactor, designed to meet the high demands set by R&D activities and small-scale GMP production. This model is perfect for production of biomolecules from microorganisms and animal cells in biopharma-, food-, agricultural- and other biotechnological applications.

This standardized and modular benchtop bioreactor combines the highest technical solutions with quality at an attractive price.


The F1 design is based on:

  • User friendliness, whilst providing advanced instrumentation and automation options.
  • Cost-effectiveness and premium quality.
  • Modularity with the Plug&Play concept, allowing for the expansion of additional functions.

The F1 is available from 1 to 10 liter working volume.

Further information can be found in the product sheet.

Looking to scale up your bioprocess? Check out the F2 bioreactor.


  • Continuous process module
  • Variable speed pump module
  • Advanced Gas Strategy Module
  • Photobioreactor module



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