Benchtop tangential flow filtration!

Do not hesitate in jumping ahead and testing tangential (cross) flow filtration (TFF) for your bioprocess downstream.


The M1 unit is a unique solution for all those seeking a compact system for concentration and clarification of the biomass/biomolecules from their microbial fermentation or cell culture process at lab scale.

There are a number of product characteristics and technology configurations that have an impact on the potential of TFF to your process/product and its scalability. The M1 offers the flexibility (in terms of modularity and membrane selection) required to create the right configuration for your filtration system.

In addition, it provides you with the right technical components and process flow for your process scalability. This means that you can be confident that your results can be transferred to a production scale.

Finally, the combination of an IOT-based architecture and ROSITA software solutions renders your process consistent and reproducible, whilst also providing data for a complete test analysis.

The M1 allows for:

  • Optimum membrane technology (choice of pores size and material).
  • Calculation of achievable concentration factor.
  • Generation of filterability curves.
  • Creating cleaning routines.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the operational parameters (e.g. cross-flow speed, pressure and temperature) regarding yield and product quality.