Sigma 2-16P

A compact universal unrefrigerated centrifuge with both swing-out and fixed-angle rotors.

The Sigma 2-16P is suitable for applications that require higher centrifugation force. This compactly designed model has high RCF values of up to 20,000g and has the extraordinary capacity to handle larger volumes, with up to 4x 120ml in a swing-out rotor or 6 x 50ml in a fixed-angle rotor.


The Sigma 2-16 is equipped with – amongst other things – an advanced universal control panel, imbalance switch and a stainless centrifuge chamber. This model also includes magnetic rotor control to prevent incorrect rotor use.

Suitable for clinicians who require higher centrifugation force than the Sigma 2-6E can offer.

This model is also available as a refrigerated centrifuge: the Sigma 2-16KL.


A range of different rotors, buckets and adaptors are available. See product sheet for more information.


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