Sigma 2-7

Based on the experiences from the Sigma 2-6 model and the desires of users in Scandinavia, the Sigma 2-7 has been equipped with many innovative functions.

This centrifuge is particularly well suited for applications in primary care and in several other areas, including industrial production, universities and research facilities. This competent universal centrifuge can accommodate tubes and flasks from 1.5ml to 100ml, as well as microtiter and DeepWell plates.


For primary care, there are two ready-made packages available:

The small package, with a maximum of 8 test tubes: Suitable for smaller health centers/clinics at a reasonable price. This package can be upgraded to 24 test tubes!

The large package, with maximum of 24 test tubes: Suitable for slightly larger/sampling centers. A large capacity in a compact centrifuge.

Please contact us for more details.


A range of different rotors, buckets and adaptors are available. See product sheet for more information.