Sigma 3-16L

Affordable medium-sized unrefrigerated centrifuge with high performance, capacity and safety standards.


The Sigma 3-16L is appreciated for its versatility, wide variety of uses and other attributes which include:

  • Outstanding capacity, e.g. 48 x Vacutainer tubes/Falcon tubes or 16 x 50ml Falcon tubes in a swing-out rotor. With an RCF of up to 3400 x g.
  • The Spincontrol L control panel complete with large backlit LED display, which enables user-friendly handling.
  • Quality-assuring locking functions to reduce handling errors.

This model is also available as a refrigerated centrifuge: the Sigma 3-16KL.


A range of different rotors, buckets and adaptors are available. See product sheet for more information.


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