Sigma 4-16S

Designed for continuous operation, the Sigma 4-16S is an incredibly reliable and accurate benchtop centrifuge.

Equipped with a built-in user manual and menus in Swedish, the Sigma 4-16S has a large and clear display and includes a selection of preset programs.


This model is very well suited for the centrifugation of cells at low speeds and has an incredible accuracy of +/- 1 revolution.

  • Huge capacity of up to 72 x test tubes or 60 x 15ml Falcon tubes in swing-out rotor.
  • Equipped with double motorized door locks for ergonomic routine use.
  • Spincontrol S system, simple to operate with extensive programming possibilities and a great process overview. See video for more information.

For optimal results the Sigma 4-16S centrifuge can be used together with Sigma’s practical centrifuge table.

For clinicians: This model allows for easier handling, increased quality assurance and an improved work environment.
For researchers: This model provides exciting new possibilities to create and manage centrifugation methods.

This model is also available as a refrigerated centrifuge: the Sigma 4-16KS.


A range of different rotors, buckets and adaptors are available. See product sheet for more information.



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