Sigma 8KS

A large-volume centrifuge with an extraordinary performance and capacity.

The Sigma 8K is a refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge characterized by excellent ergonomics and ease of use. This model is equipped with Sigma’s Spincontrol S, a simple and user-friendly one-button control panel with inbuilt user manual and Swedish menus.


The Sigma 8K has an imbalance tolerance of up to 80g imbalance, is quiet and stable and has a large accessory program, including both swing-out and fixed-angle rotors. See under accessories for examples of rotors and g-force.

The Sigma 8K is also available as a special model for the centrifugation of blood bags during component production at blood centers, the Sigma 8KBS.


Examples of swing-out rotors include:

  • 12×1 liter: 3580xg
  • 6×1.5 liters: 8580xg
  • 60x50ml falcon tube: 3580xg
  • 180x15ml falcon tube: 3580xg
  • 6x DeepWell plates: 7270xg

Examples of angle rotors:

  • 8x250ml: 20340xg
  • 6x500ml: 20460xg
  • 6x1000ml: 11280xg