Sigma 1-16

A high-grade microcentrifuge from Sigma with an extensive range of rotors

The Sigma 1-16 is the successor to the well-known Sigma 1-15, with an updated compact design that enables higher performance at a lower noise level. This model features RCF values greater than 20,000 x g along with short acceleration and braking times.


Also available with a rotor for 36 x 1.5-2ml tubes.

  • High capacity
  • Excellent performance
  • Compact design
  • Extensive range of rotors (for centrifuging PCR strips, microliter tubes and hematocrit analysis)
  • Equipped with user friendly Spin control basic display

This model is also available as a refrigerated version: the Sigma 1-16K.


A range of different rotors are available. See product sheet for more information.


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