Sigma 2-7 Cyto

A special centrifuge for cytology applications.

The Sigma 2-7 Cyto combines the advantages of the Sigma 2-7 with the latest technology for cytology centrifugation. Equipped with an enclosed and removable cytology rotor. This model can hold up to twelve RESOPSIN® or Shandon™ cytology clips and guarantees high safety.


Loading and unloading of the rotor can be performed in a safety cabinet, protecting users and samples before, during and after centrifugation. Its compact design saves laboratory space, while maintaining the capacity to mount a 4 x 100 ml swing-out rotor for cell harvesting. With its maximum speed of 2,000 rpm and two sets of acceleration and deceleration curves, the Sigma 2-7 Cyto is ideally suited for the centrifugation of sensitive cytology samples and cells that require gentle handling.


See product sheet for more information.


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