Alpha 1-4/2-4 LSC basic

A freeze dryer for routine laboratory applications, including the new intuitive control system – LSCbasic.

Includes integrated vacuum control to optimize/reduce the freeze drying process. Suitable for freeze drying larger volumes than is possible with the Alpha 1-2 LSCbasic model.

The modular concept developed by Martin Christ allows you to choose from a wide range of configurations, to adapt the freeze dryer optimally to your specific needs. This also facilitates future capacity increases and application changes.

This model is also available equipped with the LSCplus control system – including colour touchscreen, automatic process sequences and intuitive operation. See the Alpha 1-2/2-4 LSCplus for more details.



Suitable for freeze drying 12 or 24 round-bottomed bottles, filter bottles and ampoules, on 3 or 5 shelves without heat and on 2 or 4 shelves with a stoppering device for vials.

  • Clear colour touchscreen with several practical functions.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Option to control and monitor the vacuum for faster drying.
  • Integrated vapour pressure curve displays temperature value at a given pressure.
  • Integrated automatic defrost program (hot gas).
  • PC communication (LAN) with the LyoLog software for documenting parameters.

Up to 4kg water or solvent handling capacity. Available with ice condenser temperature at either -55 or -85 degrees.