Epsilon 2-10 LSC plus

Our largest pilot freeze dryer!

A freeze dryer suitable for smaller pilot studies, process development projects and small-scale production according to cGMP. There are many optional accessories for this model, including: clean room integration, Isolator, PAT equipment etc. Contact LABEX for more information.


Design benefits:

  • Flexible shelf area (shelf dimensions are 350x4000mm and up to 6 can be selected). Total area of 0.84 square meters.
  • Optional manual or hydraulic vial stopper.
  • Temperature controlled liquid-cooled shelves, with an adjustable value between -55 and +60 C. Accuracy of +/-1 K.
  • Fast defrosting using hot gas.
  • Efficient ice condenser design. -85 C.
  • Optimum vapour transport. A large 120mm (D) vent directly behind the ice condenser ensures quick removal of product vapour.
  • Compact design.
  • New control system LSCplus. Read more in the product sheet under documentation.
  • Manufactured according to cGMP standards.

Looking to upscale your process? Discover our production freeze-dryers


  • LyoControl (determining freezing point, product resistance).
  • Product temperature measurement.
  • WTMplus wireless temperature measurement.
  • Capacitive pressure measurement.
  • Comparative pressure measurement.
  • LyoBalance Scale system.
  • LyoCam camera system.
  • LPCplus software for process control and documentation.
  • LyoCoN controlled nucleation.