RVC 2-18 HCI

Special system for evaporation of materials containing HCl!

Rotary vacuum concentrators (RVCs) are used for fast and gentle sample concentration of biological material. In this process the solvent within the sample is evaporated at room temperature at low pressure. Each RVC is designed to provide high capacity and reliable temperature control, while remaining user-friendly.

The RVC 2-18 HCl is designed for extra demanding applications. The special coating of the rotor chamber and the glass lid provides high resistance to organic solvents such as TFA and DMSO, as well as aggressive acids such as HCl.


Attributes that distinguish Martin Christ’s RVCs include:

  • User-friendly interface and excellent process control
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Useful for samples containing water and/or solvents
  • Martin Christ’s modular allows for individual adaptations
  • Can be advantageously combined with freeze dryers from Martin Christ
  • Large range of rotors with possibilities for special manufacturing as desired


Popular rotors include:

  • 72×1.5/2.2ml
  • 18×4-7ml
  • 12×10-15ml
  • 6×15-18ml

A large selection cooling traps and vacuum pumps are also available. See the rotor list under documentation for a complete list.