RVC 2-33 IR

For the fastest possible concentration of large sample volumes using IR lamps!

A benchtop maxi concentrator for substances that require rapid evaporation (e.g. combinatorial chemistry/HTS/DNA/RNA/proteins). This Innovative four IR lamp heating system has pressure regulation from 1000 to 0.1 mbar and is suitable for samples with either high or low boiling points.

The RVC 2-33 IR features the ability to set up to 16 programs with variable temperature, pressure and time. It is a complete system with diaphragm pump for connection to a cold (4 liter) with an ice condenser temperature of -50C or -85C. Tolerant of imbalance >50g.


The influence of IR lamps onconcentration time:

The supply of energy in the form of heat to the samples is crucial for fast evaporation. With standard rotary vacuum concentrators (e.g. RVC 2-18 or RVC 2-25) electrical heating of the chamber is used as an indirect energy supply. However, with the 2-33IR, IR lamps add a direct and significantly more efficient energy supply to the samples. The result is a reduced evaporation time – solvent dependent – up to a factor of 2-4 times. See examples of times in the product sheet.


  • Solvent-resistant system with stainless steel chamber, glass cover and closed magnetic drive system. Suitable for e.g. DMSO, ACN or TFA.
  • CDplus control system with ramping option and 16 programs.
  • Halogen/IR lamps for optimal energy supply and fastest possible evaporation.
  • Control of energy supply as a function of container temperature (sensor), plus an additional sensor that can be placed directly in the product.
  • Precise vacuum control (both ways) using an automatic vent valve.
  • The option of positioning the vacuum underneath the RVC.
  • Determining the end of the process (dryness) by either product temperature or automatic pressure increase test.
  • Variable speed for maximum flexibility.


Popular rotors include:

  • Up to 240×1,5/2,2ml
  • 48×4-7ml
  • 36×10-15ml
  • 10x50ml
  • 8×50-75ml
  • 4x250ml
  • 12x microtiter plates
  • 4x deep well plates

A large selection cooling traps and vacuum pumps are also available. See the rotor list under documentation for a complete list.