Alpha 3-4 Solvent

A freeze dryer specially adapted for applications involving organic solvents. Solvent resistant materials

  • Optimised ice condenser with low temperature (-105°C)
  • Chemical-resistant hybrid pump (Vacuubrand RC6)
  • Stainless steel vacuum hose
  • Capacitive vacuum sensor (instead of Pirani)
  • Vacuum control for up to 40% faster drying process
  • Meets safety requirements for commonly flammable solvents.


The Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic is available in two packet configurations.

  • Packet 1: Steel manifolds for 12 bottles with chemical resistant valves.
  • Packet 2: A mineral glass chamber with 3 shelves and chemical-resistant valves for 12 bottles.


For all available accessories see the accessories catalog under documentation.