Type 7-7M

For over 40 years, Löser has been manufacturing high-quality osmometers in Berlin-Spandau, Germany. The company is currently led by Axel Löser, who continues the osmometer-tradition of his father.


Advantages include:

  • Simple touch screen operation.
  • Utilizes established and robust technology – freezing point depression.
  • Automatic 3-point calibration for enhanced accuracy.
  • Automatic defrosting and draining for safe operation.
  • Calibration standards with full traceability, 300 and 900 mosm/ kgH2O.
  • Double peltier elements ensure a stable temperature.
  • Can be connected to PC and lab computer system.
  • Different user levels and security code to meet GLP.
  • Standard microtubes are used for analysis.

The Type 7 is also available as version Type 7M for smaller sample volumes (10-25 μl)

As an alternative, the osmometer type 16 includes an integrated scanner and printer.

For measuring the freezing point of benzene solutions, see the Type 21 Cryometer.


Article numberArticle descriptionPackage size
0.01.0001Standard solution 300
mosm/kg H2O
10 Ampoules
0.01.0002Standard solution 900
mosm/kg H2O
10 Ampoules
72.690Osmometer test vials500 x 1,5ml microtubes
0.01.0018Printer roll for thermal printerx1