Alpha 1-4/2-4 LSC plus

The latest generation of the Alpha 1-4/2-4 models offer a number of innovative updates:

  • Martin Christ’s proprietary Wireless Shelf Technology (WST) – Avoid tangled cables from different product sensors and be sure that each individual shelf has a precisely set temperature.
  • The LSC Plus control system includes a large color touchscreen, preset programs for commonly used applications and process recording.
  • Hot Gas Defrosting, for quick and automatic defrosting of the ice condenser.
  • LyoCube, a revolutionary accessory that increases the freeze dryer’s capacity and simplifies loading and emptying.
  • Pressure increase test – a function normally reserved for large industrial freeze dryers. This indicates how much steam is in the chamber and thus whether freeze drying is complete.


The modular concept developed by Martin Christ allows you to choose from a wide range of configurations, to adapt the freeze dryer optimally to your specific needs. This also facilitates future capacity increases and application changes.

Suitable for freeze drying of 12 or 24 round-bottom bottles, filter bottles and ampoules, on 5 or 10 heated shelves and on 2 or 4 heated shelves with vial stoppers.

Up to 4kg water or solvent handling capacity. Available with ice condenser temperature at either -55 or -85 degrees.

Working with organic solvents? Check out the Alpha 3-4 Solvent freeze dryer.